Supported decoders

AMB decoders

All tested decoder:

AMBrc Decoder, MyLaps RC4 Decoder, DR5 decoder, AMBmx3 decoder, TranX3 decoder, ChipX / ProChip Decoder, BIB Decoder

Please use LAN TCP/IP connection instead of RS232. The IP network stack has more control over data integrity comparing to legacy serial port. The LAN connection is also much faster and buffered

MyLaps X2

MyLaps X2 server connection is supported over LAN/WAN networks. The server must have firmware version 4+. A connection to decoders is prohibited by MyLaps. The server provides aggregated connection from all decoders. The connection is only supported on Windows or Linux 64 but platforms with Intel CPU.


ProChip Smart, Championship and BibTag are the latest addition to collection decoders. AMMC works as TCP/IP server in this configuration and receives data. Please configure those decoders to use AMMC server IP address as timing server.


RACE RESULT 5000 Series System is supported using ethernet. USB Timing box is supported connected using USB cable.

Vostok decoders

Vostok ID010 decoder is supported and tested on multiple customer sites.

Not supported decoders

Older device base on P98/Enhanced protocol / RS232 serial cable on request only. ( AMBrc, AMB20, AMB130, TranX-2 / TranX2, TranXPro, Activ or PegaSys)