Storing data

MySql, MariaDB, PostgreSQL

MySql or MariaDB are supported. Data are stored into "passings" table and the table is created if not already present. The design of the table can be improved by indexes, partitions etc; once created in the database

Connecting to database using --db parameter:

  • Mysql example connecting to mysql database:
ammc-amb.exe --db mysql://root:password@localhost:3306/mysql
  • PostgreSQL example connecting to postgres database:
ammc-amb.exe --db postgresql://postgres:mysecretpassword@localhost:5432/postgres


MongoDB is schemaless JSON storage database. AMMC uses its flexibility and creates collection on first data write to database. The collection passing has flexible structure

Example connecting to ammc database:

ammc-amb.exe --db mongodb://user:password@localhost:27017/ammc


Redis memory cache can be used as well and stores data te PASSING vector

Connection example url:

ammc-amb.exe --db redis://user:password@localhost:6379/0

Need any other database? Let us know

Common database parameters

  • -c <db_connection_timeout_ms> specifies waiting time for detabase to get connected, default 1000ms
  • -y <db_connection_pool_size_max> databse connection pool size configures number parallel connection to be created for inserting and selecting data. Default size 10 connections

TBD db_connection_timeout_ms