ProChip decoders

ProChip Smart, Championship and BibTag

AMMC starts for ProChip decoders family as TCP/IP server. It receives messages from decoders and propages to logs, database or WebSocket based on configuration.

    ammc-prochip.exe [OPTIONS] <INTERFACE>

    <INTERFACE>    Use local network interface to listen on, like `localhost` 
                   or `` to listen on all interfaces

AMMC must be started with interface name as the first parameter. The easiest way is to use to listen on all interfaces. Please note that OS firewall or antivirus software might prevent AMMC from opening server port. Please reconfigure or disable those security utilities if causing troubles.

AMMC can understand ProChip V2 protocol as default. If connecting with older decoder use --prochip_use_v1 to use V1 protocol.