Answers to frequently asked questions.

Is it MyLaps product

No. This is not MyLaps product. AMMC is 3rd party product. We only used MyLaps decoders documentation to develop it. For some documentation we have signed NDA with MyLaps

The app uses the same code base to decode binary messages; otherwise its completely independent

Can you provide me with details of P3 protocol

No, we have signed NDA. Please contact MyLaps

Is it opensourced product

No, MyLaps' NDA prohibits us from opensourcing the code

Does AMMC converts all messages from decoder

No, just those important

Can I connect to MyLaps X2 decoder

No, only MyLaps X2 server

Do you support Mac or Raspberry with X2?

No, because MyLaps provides binary SDK that only supports Windows or Linux on X86 processors

Why should I use it with RaceResult

AMMC works offline without internet. If this is your requirement, RaceResult's apps needs cloud. Use AMMC and work offline

Does AMMC have a UI

Not yet

I am missing feature XY in AMMC

Email us to discuss it. We are open to changes. EMail skokys@gmail.com