Release notes

Versions description

Release 6.1 & 6.2

  • Full support of RaceResult decoders; decoder 5000 and Usb timing box
  • RaceResult decoder autodiscovery on USB port; plus guessing IP address
  • Changing licensing to freeware. All fatures included for free
  • publishing with python example to show API usage

Release 6.0

  • New decoders support: ProChip Smart, Championship and BibTag. AMMC works as a TCP server and listens messages from those decoders. Make sure to setup the decoder with IP address of PC running AMMC. All received messages can be propagated to WebSocket, database or UDP broadcast for your timing app.
  • AMB decoders discovery - new option "-a" to scan local network and lists all available decoders
  • AMMC includes ammc.dll and for embedding in your app. A python example provided to demonstrate usage. Currently, AMB decoders conversion in use only.
  • The zip distribution contains JSON schema passing.schema.json file that describes all attributes of the json file generated by AMMC. You can easily integrate in your app by generating parsing from the schema file
  • performance improvements, bugfixes etc
  • AMMC is compiled for Windows and Linux X64 only. Other platform are on request only

Release 5.x

  • more supported decoders like RaceResult, Vostok etc
  • native support of MyLaps X2 servers
  • complete re-work from Scala/Java version to Rust language; no garbage collector, great performance
  • No Java required anymore to install in advance
  • No UI anymore - this was not required by customers
  • No RestFul API anymore; unused
  • converts to JSON only; focus on Passing message only