Calling AMMC using API from other languages does not invoke complete AMMC but has rather several limitations:

  • this only converts binary messages to JSON - only PASSING messages
  • socket handling must be done inside calling application
  • currently there is AMB-based decoders support only

JavaScript developers

AMMC is compiled to WASM modules that can be linked to your JAvaScript based application. The module in NPM repository with description

C/C++/C# developers

AMMC zip file contains libammc.h and dll/so files. This contains functions char *p3_to_json(const char *msg); that converts AMB's binary messages to JSON.

Python developers

Python developers can use DLL loading that is delivered in AMMC zip file. There is also example script in Python lib_test.py that converts binary message into JSON:

# pip install cffi
from cffi import FFI

lib = "windows64\\libammc.dll"
print(f"Trying to open AMMC lib from path: {lib}")
C = ffi.dlopen(lib)
p3_msg = "8e023300e5630000010001047a00000003041fd855000408589514394cd8040005026d0006025000080200008104501304008f"
result = C.p3_to_json(p3_msg.encode('ascii'))
assert 'PASSING' in result

Java Developers

Java developers can use JNI to call dll or so libraries from operating system that are part of AMMC zip file delivery.