MyLaps X2

MyLaps X2 server connection is supported. over LAN/WAN networks. The server must have firmware version 4+. A connection to decoders is prohibited by MyLaps. The server provides aggregated connection from all decoders. The connection is only supported on Windows or Linux 64 but platforms with Intel CPU.

Connection example to My X2 server:

.\ammc-x2.exe  dan secret 

Where dan secret and are username, password and hostname of the X2 server. Once connected AMMC will receive passing messages.

Please note that MyLaps' provided MyLapsSDK.lib and MyLapsSDK.dll must be in the sme directory or in the %PATH%. On Linux this is on LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

AMMC uses MyLaps SDK for connection and is connecting to port 443 of the X2 server with a secure protocol. This means that connection over WAN network / internet should be safe in this case.

There are many messages passed from X2 server. AMMC collects passing or passing triggers. You can use -p or -t to select right event to collect. There is also -x or --log_passing_history_mins parameter to setup different length requested passings in past if needed.

X2 decoder propagates following fields to Passing JSON message:


The fields decoder_id will be populated with X2 server MAC address for better data identification in database. There is no real access to decoders itself nad its ID.