Additional features

Re-query database

If the AMMC is disconnected from decoder and there is an active race / passing messages; AMMC can re-query data from decoder's memory. When using -r or --requery_db AMMC will query for last received passing number and request the gap numbers from decoder. This should ensure your database be populated with all passing even if connection to decoder is interrupter for a while.

Please note this is experimental feature.

Verbose or quite

Specify -v or -q working mode for really verbose or completely quite logging. The verbose mode is suggested to use when contacting us for support.

Diagnostics collection

AMMC collects diagnostic metrics if connected to internet. It only uploads data on startup. The data are uploaded are anonymized and have this form


if you don't want to upload this to our cloud, use --skip_telemetry_upload on starup

The response from the upload is the latest app version number. If this is different from current version, this is listed in logs after startup