AMB decoders

AMBrc Decoder, MyLaps RC4 Decoder, DR5 decoder, AMBmx3 decoder, TranX3 decoder, ChipX / ProChip Decoder, BIB Decoder

AMB connects to those decoders as client and wait for passing data to be received. Using -a parameter it discoveres decoders on local network and connects automatically if there is only one. If there is more decoders, user can choose from the list.

.\ammc-amb.exe -a
[2022-10-17T15:25:19Z INFO  ammc_amb::amb_discovery] Discovering decoders...
Discovered decoders:
 1 - (85:88:06:89)
 2 - (85:88:01:00)
Selected decoder 1..2; or Q to quit:

If you prefer to connect directly to a single decoder, use decoder's IP address as the paremeter:


This connects to decoder and parses PASSING messages from the decoder's binary format to a JSON like this:

[2022-10-17T15:27:36Z INFO  ammc_amb::main_common] Connecting to
[2022-10-17T15:27:36Z INFO  common] >>> {"msg":"PASSING","decoder_id":"85880689",
     "passing_number":1,"transponder":5625887,"rtc_time":"+121137-06-07 02:05:03.705649",
     "strength":109.0,"hits":80,"low_battery":false, "resend":false,"modified":false,

Only valid messages are converted to JSON; valid means with valid CRC checksum.

If using older AMB decoders with serial port RS232 and connected to for example COM1 this can be used:

.\ammc-amb.exe COM1


Decoder time can be set to the same time as your timing PC's time using AMMC. The parameter -t or --timesync can sync local RTC time from your PC to the decoder. The -u or --timesync_utc syncs UTC time. Using RTC or UTC time depends on your decoder with what time zone works.

RC4 and DR5 unlocking

Those two advanced decoders provides passing temperature, voltage and car id from transponder to the decoder (and your timing app) with each passing message. The feature needs to be unlocked with a special key provided by MyLaps. The key is part of the AMMC and unlocks the data if requested.

Example fields in passing message with unlock data from transponder:

{"voltage":6.1,"temperature":28, "car_id":233}